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LightRock Productions, LLC may be the company, but A.J. Schultz is the man behind the work. If you’re looking for a highly experienced, creative, fast editor for your project…then LightRock is the right place for you. With over 19 years in the business, A.J. has worked on broadcast television series, advertisement campaigns, network promos, and more…easily jumping between short and long form post-production. He also brings more than just an editor's eye to projects, with a willingness to step in and collaborate on story, production, audio design, graphics ideas, etc.

A.J. has become a go-to editor for networks like Nickelodeon, HGTV, Food Network, Cooking Channel, and clients like Al Roker Entertainment, Definition 6, IW Productions, and more. Through LightRock's resources, A.J. has also created several independent promotional videos for comic book publishers, like Amazon's comiXology Originals, to build some buzz in the competitive comic book industry. With a long history of successfully editing remotely from the home edit suite, A.J. can help bring your project to the finish line in an age of physical-distancing.  Regardless of being on-site or editing remotely, A.J. brings the same team-focused, creative problem-solving to every project he touches. Feel free to check out the Work Samples page to view past video projects among various categories. 


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